Wednesday, September 1, 2004


The Republican convention's use of 9/11 to promote president Bush is dishonorable. It is a disingenuous attempt to justify the President's decisions on the War on Terror.

Bush displayed a superficial image of leadership during the aftermath of 9/11. In reality he disregarded many known threats as "too ambiguous" before the attacks. An August memo with the title "Al Queda plans to hijack planes within the U.S." was obviously not clear enough to cut his vacation short, perhaps increase security at airports, or follow leads.

Shortly after the attack, he allowed several members of Bin Laden's family return to Afghanistan without FBI questioning. One would think that they would have some useful information about the man who actually orchestrated these horrible attacks.

Additionally, speakers use 9/11 to justify Bush's actions in Iraq, even though it has been proven that no ties exist between Saddam and the attacks on the World Trade Center.

With all these mistakes, the reality of Bush's leadership is severely shaken. 9/11 was a terrible event that affected all Americans of every political persuasion, not to be used as leverage for this administration.

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