Monday, June 27, 2005

Mr. Ellis goes to washington?

An Ithsmus article gives Marc Eisen's opinion on a good candidate for Wisconsin Governor in 2006. From my very hometown of Neenah, WI comes Mike Ellis, a fiscal conservative and pragmatist...from the Republican party. Yes, Eisen compared Ellis to John McCain, the maverick from Arizona who doesn't build a platform on Gods, Guns, and Gays, but on campaign reform and balanced budgets, along with reorganization of the public sector. Mr. Ellis comes off as a candidate that won't bow to special interests, but rather a meek reformer and good-humored arbitrator.

All this flattery must stand up to voter scrutiny. If Ellis runs, does he plan on reforming the public sector in a way that's more efficient, or does he intend to cut it? Will he resort to common right-wing stances on Guns, Gay-Bashing, and diminishing domestic partnership benefits to gain votes? Will he be intend on taking a divided state legislature crippled by extremes and make progress? Does he plan on being a Bush syncophant or an individual in his own pary?

Eisen seems to be hopeful. Ellis certainly would bring in new possibilities to dealing with the republican-controlled legislature, something that Doyle is not very fit to do. He could bring back more moderates out of the partisan woodwork. And he's a far more moderate than a possible candidature of John Gard, who would rather lock gays in a tower and put a Jesus statue on the State Capitol. My cousin, Mr. Gard, is far too radical to be my governor.

So, let's hear more Mr. Ellis.

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