Sunday, October 11, 2009

Testicles, assholes, and the Nobel Prize

Joe Scarborough can occasionally make a good point about the downfall of actual conservatism in the face of Republican dominance. Though his "discussion" on Obama winning the Nobel Prize devolved into a back and forth with Limbaugh over putting testicles into a vice and the White House calling him an asshole.

I'm glad that useful airtime is devoted to lips and assholes to handle the tough questions that are facing U.S. Citizens in light of a recession, two wars, health care conundrum, etc.

I for one thought the Nobel was premature. Obama has given some successful speeches to garner the attention, and some respect, from the world. There's the highest level talks with Iran regarding its nuclear program, Mendvedev is considering sanctions, Non-proliferation is again on the global radar. But Afghanistan and Palestine are drifting further from peace.

I also think, Big deal... Kissinger and Teddy Roosevelt also won Nobel Peace prizes.

Below is somewhat entertaining. Lips and assholes anyone?

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