Thursday, May 10, 2007

Idiots, and their bullies

David Obey erupts again at liberals. Frankly, I don't blame Obey getting pissy at liberals, the majority of which don't know a damn thing about the politics of trying to pass good policy. The system we have now is based on consensus, and like it or not, you may have to compromise your dreams once in a while to advance a motion that somewhat resembles your principles.

Obey and I and many more sane people want to get the hell out of Iraq and thought that we never should have gone there in the first place.

The principle is: Democracy can't be forced from the outside by a power seen as imperialist, it only pisses off the radicals. (see Vietnam, Algeria, and Chile) Gradual prompting works a lot better than a bitch slap.

Likewise in Washington.

Many in the U.S. don't want an immediate pullout. Hell conservative Christians are all against pulling out. So anti-warriors have to compromise some to eventually make things happen, waiting more than they'd like.

Many on the right, who still want to throw young lives into Iraq as well as bombs, need to be treated like children who don't want their vegetables. If liberals smack the kids in the face, the kids will kick back. But if the brussel sprouts are delivered bit by bit for a some months, green leafy goodness will catch on. I am still talking about national/international politics, I think.

One side has to be grown-up, we all have different learning curves.

As far as Kucinich is concerned. Obey was a little too much the drunken, abusive father. Ohio's spitfire should be able to ask questions. And liberals also have to learn how to eat their brussel sprouts, on a gradual basis rather than getting stabbed with the fork.

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