Friday, May 4, 2007

Setting a date...for failure

"If setting a date to withdraw only emboldens the enemy, then we oughtta stay there indefinately. The Dems are only spreading fear on the prospects of the troops, much like failing to give them body armor, or not putting enough in Iraq in the first place."

"Plus, The enemy is really bad, whoever they are, and we need to stay there until all our enemies are gone."

"Again remember 9/11. We gotta stay in Iraq so that terrorist groups don't rebuild training programs to create another 9/11. Like in Afghanistan, where we fled and they rebuilt and are threatening us again."

"So let's fund the troops...
I am also a crazy glue-sniffer, peace America, I'm out."

-President Bush

Seriously, no one in government is debating that the troops not be funded. But why the hell should they not say they will be there on a limited engagement.

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