Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lions Tigers and Bears

Among the stops in the great land of Ohio was Columbus, with Ohio State University, a sister, and a zoo.

The Columbus Zoo was probably the best thing there. Though the Wexner Center for the arts had 40 years of revolution on display, as visitors could peruse the photography of Chris Marker.

I still try in vain to capture the essence of my own travels, though revolts against fascism trump pictures of cute animals most days.

Don't forget about the Chimps. The one below eventually pulled a sheet over her head and pretended she was the "Great Cornholio".

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Caroline said...

Fruit bats, tigers, and penguins... oh my! (Wish we would have gotten some video of those cute orangutans playing with the sheet.)

Funny how we went from Marker's photo exhibit documenting world travels and revolts to fluffy animals in such a short period of time.

Thanks for posting. That was a fun day. (Now we just need to get video of the Aldabra giant tortoises at the Vilas Zoo!)