Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fighting barbarity with barbarity

Ben Hancock over at the Cap Times writes about fear of a backlash among UW-Madison Korean students. Reports from the dean of students say some threats and hate messages were left on several Korean profiles on Facebook.

The shootings last Monday had nothing to do with race, but a homicidal, reactionary maniac making vast generalizations about the students at his school. Cho called them all charlitains and snobs.

It's terribly ironic how a few reactionaries can feel justified about generalizing about South Koreans, an entire nationality. Their mentality is essentially the same as a man that they hate/fear. It's things like this that make the tragedy of Virginia Tech unsurprising.

See a related column about insecurities, masculinity, and violence at the New York Times. Registration Required.

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robert said...

I love Koreans. My only problem with them is that the Korean girl I dated in college woulndn't put out.