Tuesday, April 3, 2007

trains function, government doesn't

Former coworker Rob Zaleski over at the Capital Times is skeptical that trains will be coming any time soon to the Madison area. Despite the hopes of myself, Zaleski, and others, it's going to take a federal move to make that possible.

Capitol Neighborhoods secretary Dan O'Brien told me, at Maduro a while back, that we should look more toward Europe to get the train going. Wouldn't it be nice to ride to Milwaukee or Chicago, while sipping a glass of wine and viewing the landscape? To get get to a destination and not have to worry about parking? To help the environment, and cut funding/exploitation of the Middle Eastern world?

Those at the top, with the veto, tacitly forget -or even ignore- how oil companies gouge prices or have us twisted around the diamond ring on their middle finger.

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